Even though the ‘X-Men’ franchise already has a lot on their plate, what with 3 movies set to come out next year (‘Deadpool 2,’ ‘New Mutants,’ and ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix,’) and their growing list of TV projects such as ‘Gifted’ and ‘Legion,’ the folks over at 20th Century Fox have not forgotten about the fans eagerly awaiting the ‘Gambit’ movie that has been talked about for years, especially not with star Channing Tatum still ready to roll as the titular hero. Here is what franchise producer Hutch Parker said to Screenrant recently when asked whether ‘Gambit’ was still part of the studio’s overall plan for the ‘X-Men’ universe:

“It is. It is. I don’t have any news on that but there’s still a desire and a passionate interest to see that movie made.”

The road has been rocky for the ‘Gambit’ movie for some time now, with the character struggling to break through into the ‘X-Men’ film universe since the beginning, with Gambit hinted at in ‘X2,’ left out of ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ introduced very poorly in ‘X-Men: Origins: Wolverine’ (as played by Taylor Kitsch), and then taken through development hell in recent years after Channing Tatum was announced as desiring to want to play the character. There were rumors the man would get to debut his version of the character in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse,’ but that did not work out (which is ok by me because that movie might have sullied Gambit even further) and the more recent problem has been finding a director for the film, as in recent years the film had and then lost Rupert Wyatt and then Doug Liman as directors. Fortunately for the fans though, it looks like Tatum is still attached and they still hope to start shooting by next year, at the earliest, and hopefully they will have found a decent director by then.

What are your thoughts on the luck of the ‘Gambit’ movie so far? Do you think this could be the next comic-book movie underdog story? Or will all of this spell disaster for the character’s stand alone movie? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant