A question that many had wondered from ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was who exactly is Supreme Leader Snoke and the script from the film apparently had a single line that answered away quite a few of the theories. From a resurrected Palpatine to Vader to more, there have been quite a few theories circling, and this quote is shooting them down.

Here’s why: Snoke isn’t human.

Pablo Hidalgo who helped work on the novelization of the film  and a bit of a ‘Star Wars’ expert himself, put to rest the many rumors about Snoke on Twitter:

Now knowing this, the only solid theory as to who Snoke could actually be so far would be Grand Admiral Thrawn or potentially Darth Plagueis whose humanity I don’t believe is known. Either of those two could potentially be Snoke who we haven’t seen if he is or isn’t a force user.

Sadly, there is no information as to if Rian Johnson’s ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ will really explore who Snoke is or where he came from past being in the film.

As he is someone who seems to admire wealth, maybe he does so to admire art in the way Grand Admiral Thrawn does. However, he doesn’t appear to be blue in the leaked Lego images so that seems to spoil that idea as well.

Do you think that Snoke is going to be an existing character or someone new to the franchise? Share your thoughts below!

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