While there is plenty of space in the pop-culture “genre” world of movies, TV, and video games for the inclusion of music, in many cases the highlighting of the sound portion of the entertainment brand is largely relegated to theme songs, sweet soundtracks, and other one-off aural experiences.

While genres of music and their new releases are, sadly, largely ignored, every so often a fun crossover hits on our radar, and we get excited to share that experience with you.  Such was the case this past weekend at Harvard University’s graduation ceremony, where legendary composer John Williams was treated to a one-of-a-kind performance of his own works by none other than the university’s student a capella group, the Din and Tonics.

Williams was on hand to receive his honorary Doctor of Music degree from the school, so the all-male music group made the most of the opportunity; they serenaded him with some of his greatest works, including familiar tunes from ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Superman,’ ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘E.T.: The Extraterrestrial,’ ‘Indiana Jones,’ and ‘Jaws.’

Take a look and listen for yourself:

As you can see, Williams was delighted at the surprise – as were we too!

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