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History – the TV outlet formerly known as The History Channel – is moving forward even further with their efforts on producing scripted series, and it seems that they may have landed a doozy.  The channel, in conjunction with A+E Studios, has announced that they will be bringing to the airwaves ‘Blue Book,’ a series about UFO encounters “inspired by real-life events” and produced in part by legendary Hollywood creative Robert Zemeckis.

History is giving the show a straight-to-series order, meaning the show should be fast-tracked into full production in order to find its way on-screen as quickly as possible.  Despite the title seeming a little vague, the series will be scripted yet will revolve around events grounded in reality.  The show will follow the exploits of a college professor who is investigating true investigations into UFO sightings that were conducted by the US Air Force in the 1950s and 1960s.

About his involvement in the show, Zemeckis said:

“Rarely have I been associated with a project that is a perfect fusion of historical fact and extraordinary entertainment. We are grateful for A+E Studios’ and History’s support for what I know will be a fabulous series.”

A+E Studios president Paul Buccieri said:

“Blue Book is inspired by the true covert events of an era in American history shrouded in mystery. Robert Zemeckis and the creative team have shaped an incredibly compelling narrative, building upon History’s unique, growing brand of fact-based scripted programming.”

No official word has been given yet on a potential release date for the series, but we here at will keep you posted as things develop!

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