alien-the-coloring-bookAdult coloring books are all the rage right now, and their goal is to help you relieve stress. I have to ask, what better way to do that than coloring in Xenomorphs who are either slaughtering humans or poor souls which are being infected by chest bursters? There doesn’t sound like a lot of other good options if you ask me! This book is scheduled to be released just before ‘Alien: Covenant’ and will surely cash in on the hype of the movie for fans who are stoked from the latest installment in the franchise, assuming its a hit at the box office.

Inside the book, you’ll have everything from the Space Marines in the film, many familiar ships, of course, the Aliens themselves. The imagery appears to be inspired from the first four films in the franchise so don’t expect to see any Predators going up against the Aliens or Engineers and ships from ‘Prometheus’ making an appearance.

There is a wide variety of difficulty levels found within from simple artwork to more complex layouts. If you’re just getting into adult coloring or have been enjoying it for awhile, then this is something you’ll want to pick up.

While we have plenty of shots of Ripley and other survivors, my favorite images are right at the start. As you open the book, you have a multi-picture shot of a Facehugger popping out of an egg and attacking the colorist and on the second page a Queen with a highly extensive view of the chest burster being born.

We’ve also got three preview pages you can check out below, sadly not including my favorite:




If you like the style shown here, Xenomorphs, and to color – this is, of course, the book for you!


Alien: The Coloring Book
Titan Books
May 9th, 2017

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