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Well, in light of the fact that Warner Bros and DC do not want to give away too much from the upcoming ‘Justice League’ movie just yet (not to mention they are still holding back any new footage of Superman because, you know, he is supposed to be dead in the DCEU at the moment), they have just released a “new” international trailer for the film that is basically just a cut-down of the most recent trailer of the movie (check it out for yourself below). However, this cut-down focuses mainly on Batman and showcasing the most bad-ass shots we have seen from the film of all of the heroes, so it does make the movie look particularly epic, especially when still paired with the Beatles song they have been using with the trailer of late.

The real concern for me of course, is how hard they are working to make these trailers seem bad-ass and epic, as there is the old rule of thumb about amazing trailers often hiding sub-par movies, and the DCEU already has a pretty poor track record, and rumors a few months back were already not that great for the ‘Justice League.’ Personally I hope this is the movie that DC turns things around because I would love to see the ‘Justice League’ done right on the big screen, and the humor infused in the trailers already seems like a step in the right direction for the franchise, though I cannot help but notice just how bleak and dark a lot of the footage still seems, which is unfortunate as I would really like to see these characters and their costumes in all their glory (minus Batman of course as he and his costume do best in the dark).

What are your thoughts on the spectacle of all the ‘Justice League’ trailers? Are they trying a bit too hard to convince us that this is worth seeing? Or are they genuinely excited because they know they finally have something good on their hands? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Forbes

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