Weapons_of_Mutant_Destruction_AlphaRecently we heard that ‘Old Man Logan’ would be Fighting the Maestro but now writer Greg Pak is bringing Logan into another crossover but this time with the ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ in “Weapons of Mutant Destruction.” The event is set to take place in Amadeus Cho’s comic and the pages from the upcoming ‘Weapon X’ series. We know that the new Weapon X program is set to take out mutant kind once and for all and this time it plans on using the Hulk to do so.

It isn’t clear if the entire team from the new ‘Weapon X’ comic will be working with the Hulk to prevent this from happening, but we do know that at the very least Old Man Logan and Sabertooth will be.

Things are going to kick off in ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ #19 which drops in June and works as a prelude to the crossover. While working on the issue, Pak wasn’t too concerned as to if readers were buying the entire event or just the issues from the comic series that they prefer as:

Every issue in this whole storyline has its own internal story and matters so it does set some things up, but it also is its own adventure that plays an important role both in terms of plot and character at this moment in time.

While all stories are better told in completion, it’s good to hear that this is one where you don’t need every single tie-in issue to get a satisfying tale as far too many of Marvel’s events have required lately.

We haven’t heard much about the Weapon X program for years so you can’t help but wonder where they’ve been and what their current motivations could be?

“I can’t reveal too much; I don’t want to spoil what’s happening in the story, but I can say that yes, the big mission is the extermination of mutants. And that’s been from time-to-time in Weapon X—with various Weapon X programs over the years that has been an objective, but at other times, it seemed like they were more interested in just creating super soldiers for other reasons and other purposes, but that’s front and center this time around. There is a classic Marvel villain who has basically taken over Weapon X and we will reveal that individual as the story progresses and it will hopefully be a big shock and a lot of fun. What makes it a little different is that over the years there have been a bunch of different super soldier programs and the new Weapon X program is the best of the best. They are culling their technology and techniques from the past and picking the best methods and it’s bigger and badder than ever and they have a plan, and this plan, it’s a very specific and precise plan that could work.”

That “best of the best” comment combined with the knowledge that Wolverine is set to return at some point this year can’t help but make me wonder if this series will be the one that brings up the original Logan back. Also, what will that mean for ‘Old Man Logan’ who is also working on the team? I’m hoping he won’t have to sacrifice himself to give us the original Wolverine but only time will tell.

Apparently, there is a new character involved also called Weapon Gamma. My money is that it is a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid as shown off on the cover listed above though Pak will only say that:

“Well there’s an interesting image that’s been revealed of a big Hulk-like figure in a tank with some Wolverine claws, and so, we’ll see what’s in Batch H as the story progresses. I cannot tell you more [Laughs], but Weapon X has a plan, and that certainly appears to be part of this plan. Exactly what it is, we will see.”

I do have to say that I am most looking forward to seeing Old Man Logan and Sabertooth working together for a change as:

“[Laughs] Well they hate each other’s guts, right? What’s beautiful about those guys too and it’s a classic kind of setup, they hate each other, but they also probably know each other better than they know anybody else on the planet. They’ve known each other longer than just about anybody else who’s alive and they’re so very in similar in so many ways. If the person you know the best is the person you hate the most, that’s a very interesting dynamic to play with, so they’ve been a lot of fun to write. It’s the kind of fun thing where as they team up then they also know just how to get under each other’s skin, even though they’re working together, so they’ve been great to work with together.”

In one book we’ll be seeing ‘Old Man Logan’ going up against Maestro, and in this one, he’ll be teaming up with the younger wise-cracking Cho. It is going to be a refreshing take to see the two different ways that Old Man Logan deals with a Hulk and on top of that who is now in charge of the Weapon X Program.

Are you looking forward to a Hulk and Old Man Logan team up? What villain will all of these heroes and villains be up against? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

“Weapons of Mutant Destruction” gets underway with ‘Totally Awesome Hulk’ #19, available May 24!

Source: Marvel

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