royals-1Just like Marc Guggenheim introduced his ‘X-Men Gold’ characters, we’re now getting to see who will compose the ‘Royals’ in Al Ewing‘s take on The Inhumans! We know after the events of ‘Inhumans vs. X-Men’ that three new titles are being split off after the release of ‘Inhumans Prime‘ and this is the one where the Royal family is getting the royal treatment. The Royal family will be teaming up with Marvel boy in order “to save their people” and it sounds like we’ll be getting a galaxy and dimension hopping adventure which may change the course of Inhuman destiny.”

I’ve been digging both Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, and Devil Dinosaur but for the first time in a LONG time, I’m fully invested in the classic Inhumans with that kind of a statement. They’ve always been most interesting when out in space or the Kree were involved so seeing them having to travel the stars once more gives me an itch that only a galactic tale can scratch!

Here’s what to expect from the lineup:

“The Queen of the Inhumans, with living, super-strong hair that she can control and direct to perform some frankly astonishing feats,” recaps Ewing. “But the end of IvX will take a toll on her, and she’ll go through some more changes from the very first issue of ROYALS. Will she still be the same person—and the same leader—on the other side?

“[He] is the ex-King, and Medusa’s husband—a marriage now somewhat on the rocks,” the writer cautions. “Black Bolt’s powers complicate matters; the slightest sound out of his mouth, whether a shout, a quiet word or even a cough, could level mountains. Also complicating things: his mad brother Maximus, the constant thorn in the Inhumans’ sides. What secret do the brothers share—and where will it lead Black Bolt?”

“Medusa’s sister and second-in-command; one of the more powerful Inhumans, with a measure of control over all four of the classical elements, earth, air, fire and water,” lists Ewing. “She has also displayed a powerful talent for diplomacy, which could serve the Royals well on their travels. Except that they’ll first stop on the dead world Hala, overseen by her ex-husband, cosmic powerhouse Ronan the Accuser. They’ve got bad blood and lost love between them, and it won’t end well.”

“[He] has served as a faithful man-at-arms for both Medusa and Black Bolt since his youth—and with his hooves that can shatter concrete and cause earthquakes with every stomp, he has done his job well,” the writer affirms. “But he’s getting older, and recent injuries have left him unable to use his gift—and some days, even move—without severe pain. But as a widower with an estranged daughter and a son in a coma—after he failed them both—he has become used to hiding the pain he feels.”

“Swain is one of the ‘NuHumans,’ an Inhuman bloodline that spread out among the human world, until the release of the Terrigen mists into the atmosphere triggered their Inhuman genes,” explains Ewing. “In Swain’s case, she gained a subtle control over the emotions of people around her. She hates her power, as she can never feel sure of any relationship—except with her literally emotionless girlfriend, Ash. But she also serves as the Inhumans’ top pilot, and a staunch royalist, making her the perfect choice to fly the Royals to the stars.

“Flint’s life has been full of trauma: his adopted family were of a branch of Inhumanity that couldn’t survive contact with Terrigen, and they died en masse after the Terrigen cloud passed, leaving him as the only survivor, with power over rock and stone,” the writer recounts. “After that, he tracked down his biological family in a far-flung Inhuman colony, only to find he couldn’t belong. Flint is searching for something he can’t fully articulate, something that drives him into deep space—something that might make him the most powerful Inhuman of all.”

“A Kree from an alternate universe of peace and plenty, who strayed into our reality, whereupon our reality shot him down and murdered his friends and family,” sums up Ewing. “Blessed with insect-gene enhancements and alien weaponry, Noh-Varr has tried to find his place with the heroes of our world before, but has always failed them, and himself; now he’s taking the Inhumans on a quest into space to find the secrets of their people, and his motives aren’t entirely selfless. Will he fail himself again?”

We already know that Marvel Boy’s inclusion meant that there would be a Kree presence but now we’ve learned that Ronan the Accuser will also be involved. Seeing Ronan face off with Crystal over their checkered past should be a nice trip down memory lane. We’ll have to see if they both survive the journey.

Who am I kidding, of course, they will. If not there is always some chance of resurrection down the line sooner or later.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s ‘Royals’ being released? Which character are you most interested in seeing in print? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Attend the coronation in ‘Royals’ #1 by Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers, coming April 5th, 2017!

Source: Marvel

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