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It looks like Adam West is going to be returning to the world of Batman as he is set to guest-star on ‘Powerless.’ Adam will sadly not be portraying Bruce but instead, be playing Dean West who is a chairman of Wayne Industries. West has been returning to the Bat-verse in a big way in recent years having already voiced the original Wayne Security commercial from the pilot episode but also having just done the voice acting for ‘Batman ’66‘ which may or may not be getting a sequel. He’s been so excited about his return that he even pitched a cameo appearance in Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman‘ though we haven’t heard if that is going anywhere quite yet.

If he can keep this up, we might just see West become a minor version of Stan Lee’s cameo star power for Marvel Studios films but in the DCEU instead. Having also voiced characters in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ and ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ it only feels right that he would be making a few more appearances.

In the episode that he appears, we’ll see Dean West visiting Charm City with some bad news. A major attack occurred in Gotham City, and Wayne Industries has to make some cuts. West is there to give the bad news to Alan Tudyk’s Van and Vanessa Hudgens’ Emily in person.

With the format of the series, the often quirky Adam West feels like the perfect addition as both a cameo and to flesh out the DC connection.

Are you happy to see that Adam West will be ‘Powerless’ for an episode or two? Is this a perfect cameo idea or does it feel a little too unnecessary to you? Share your thoughts below!

NBC’s ‘Powerless’ is on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. ET.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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