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News is spreading that Joe Carnahan (‘The Grey’,’The A-Team’) has been tapped to write ‘X-Force‘ with Ryan Reynolds and possibly direct the film as well! With ‘Deadpool 2’ set to introduce us to Cable and Domino who will likely both be members of the team, it makes sense that they would be trying to map out the story now and Reynolds would be involved. What is interesting though is conflicting reports on Carnahan. Everyone is stating that he is officially set to write the screenplay though there are mixed reports if he will be directing the movie.

Just as a refresher, we currently have ‘Logan’ about to be released, ‘Deadpool 2’, ‘X-Nen: Supernova‘, and ‘New Mutants‘ all in pre-production with ‘Gambit’ waiting in the wings for a chance to happen. Fox is starting to bet on their mutants in a big way and clearly seem to want to have a release schedule closer to Marvel’s multiple movies a year than they currently do.

The initial news on Carnahan’s involvement was shared by Collider who reported he would be a scribe but if Fox liked his script, they could offer him the helmer’s chair, however, it was ComicBook that stresses he has already taken the director’s chair. Last we heard, Simon Kinberg would be penning ‘X-Force’ but with his attention taken by ‘X-Men: Supernova’ it could be easily understandable why he no longer would be working on this one too. Of course, with Kinberg’s history in the cinematic X-Universe, I’m sure he’ll still have some say in the plot.

The chances of Carnahan directing though may be slim as he is filming ‘Bad Boys 3’ later this year and is working on a reboot of ‘The Raid’ for American audiences. As I find it unlikely that Fox would want to push the film back even further, it would mean that Carnahan might have to further delay ‘The Raid’ to make this one happen.

Do you feel that Carnahan would make a good writer for ‘X-Force’? What are the chances that he’ll be directing the film as well? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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