Usually, in comics, Black Adam is a villain or at best an anti-hero though Dwayne Johnson is sharing why we’ll see the cinematic take on the character as full on hero. It has been a good week for news concerning ‘Shazam‘ and the eventual ‘Black Adam’ spin-off as more details are being shored up on this long-gestating film. I’m still wondering who they are going to find that is charismatic enough on screen to be able to go toe to toe with The Rock both physically and personality wise.

At about the minute and thirty-second mark in the video below, Johnson explains how Black Adam will be on screen when it comes to being heroic. For those who just want to read the answer though you can check out his response right here:

“It’s really our interpretation, and who we deem a hero. Yes, of course, in the mythology Black Adam is a villain. Or he can be considered an antihero. Or to some, he’s a hero. To some who have a black heart like me [laughs]. Again, I love the backstory that he started off as a slave and he was held down. And I think when that kinda backstory about a man who’s held down and he rises up out of that to become greater and then dealing with the conflict of pain of losing his family, it’s dark, but it, uh, also adds to the gravity and adds to the weight of the story. So what does it mean for the movie? It means the movie’s gonna be fantastic and it means that it’s gonna be badass. And it means to me, uh, he’s a hero.”

You can watch the interview here:

It looks to be that we’ll be given a man who has overcome adversity in the worst ways to become something more. Without solid details, we also see why he comes to power as a more violent individual. If anyone can pull off the character, it really is Johnson, but I still have that nagging sensation that he is going to steal the show from whoever ends up playing Shazam.

Are you happy to hear that Black Adam will be more heroic than evil even though he’ll be the villain of ‘Shazam’? Share your thoughts below!

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