Hot off of the success of ‘Goosebumps,’ it looks like another R.L. Stine set of books is getting a cinematic adaptation as Kyle Killen (‘The Beaver’,’Awake’) will be handling the script. Fans of Stine’s work on ‘Goosebumps’ often transitioned into his ‘Fear Street’ series as it was a darker and edgier version of the same type of stories though set for a slightly older crowd. With over 100 books released, it is hard to tell which story or set of stories they will adapt for the first film but the content would allow for an endless set of high-quality sequels if done properly.

Honestly, this is a set of novels I think that I would rather see adapted for television as an ongoing series with how many stories that there are to tell.

While ‘Goosebumps’ and its upcoming 2018 sequel were a bit lighthearted and not true to the original tales, it is likely that 20th Century Fox will keep ‘Fear Street’ closer to what Stine originally wrote in the books. The reason being is that while ‘Goosebumps’ was a bunch of stand alone stories, ‘Fear Street’ took place in Shadyside, Ohio with high school students who were constant characters. While the stories were still standalone, there was a lot of connective tissue between them.

The ongoing use of characters is why I feel it would have worked better on TV though believe that they could still easily adapt it into a cinematic universe. If it proves to be popular there is enough material for years to come though it might be heard to keep much of the same cast as they grow older.

Do you think that ‘Fear Street’ will be a solid horror film for the younger crowd or will they adapt it for older audiences who read the books in their youth? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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