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While it tanked at the box office, the critics and home fans have loved ‘Dredd‘ which hasn’t been able to get a sequel off the ground but producer Adi Shankar is trying to shine hope on it happening. Now, while that almost sounds good, it isn’t something to hold your breath over from what he says. Not only that but if it were to happen it also no longer appears to be in the format that we were all thinking it would.


So here is what Shankar has had to say about the film when asked about it:

“If anyone is still wondering, there’s no update on a Dredd sequel, but I’m gonna make it happen at some point. It may not be live-action, but it’s going to happen at some point. There will be more Judge Dredd at some point.”

So at “some point” we may finally get a sequel though it could be an animated one. Not that I have anything against cartoons, but part of the magic of this film was the actors and set designs.

With Shankar being busy working on the ‘Castlevania‘ series for Netflix it seems like there will be a lot on his plate for the upcoming future. That in mind, the connections with both animators and Netflix which he’ll be creating might mean that he’ll have a studio and eventual home to make this movie a reality sooner than later.

Personally, while I always love his work I would rather see this be live-action, but an animated version would be better than nothing. It will also be interesting to see if they could lure back Alex Garland to pen the script and Karl Urban to voice the character.

Are you hoping that we’ll still get a sequel to ‘Dredd’? Would you be willing to watch an animated one instead of live-action if that is what it took to get it off the ground? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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