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With a script for ‘The Batman‘ just not coming together and Ben Affleck walking away from the director’s chair, we’ve just learned that Chris Terrio (‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’,’Argo’) has been called in to save the movie’s plot. Having worked with Affleck on ‘Argo’, the upcoming ‘Justice League’, and the film which got Affleck into being a superhero by pitting him against the Man of Steel, we do know that the two have a great working relationship.

We’ll just have to wait and see if that is enough to get this film into something that people will actually want to go out and watch.

This is the third film in the DCEU that Terrio will be working on which means that while he’ll have a lot of familiarity with the characters. It also means he has to come away from the dismal critical reception that ‘Batman v Superman’ received.

However, there will be two Oscar-Winners now behind the film as well as the President and CCO of DC Comics so if Warner Brothers somehow manages to screw up DC’s one unstoppable cinematic franchise than they really won’t have anyone else to blame on this one. To be totally fair, Affleck’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne has made this the one stand alone film that I’m really kind of hyped for even though we have no idea where they plan to go with it as of yet.

Are you happy to hear that Chris Terrio will be working on the script or are you waiting to pass any judgment prior to ‘Justice League’ being released? Share your thoughts below!

Affleck will next return as Batman in ‘Justice League’ on November 17th, 2017 which was also written by Chris Terrio.

Source: Deadline

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