Yesterday Guillermo del Toro shared that if enough people voted that they’d love to see ‘Hellboy III‘ that he would work with his fellow creators to see what can be done and the goal has been met! Initially, he was asking for 100,000 votes to see if there was interest in the film and at the time of writing this it has surpassed 124,000 with a couple hours left. With the magic number being hit it seems like del Toro now has to find a way to get both Ron Perlman and Mike Mignola in the same room together!

As the day progressed from his original tweet, we did get a minor update:

However, the big news came early this morning as the numbers climbed overnight!

The votes kept rolling in…

And then the first real breakthrough from this poll dropped as Perlman said he would be willing to be part of the sitdown!

Now we’re just waiting on series creator Mike Mignola to say he’s in and after that a studio to fund the entire thing. I’m pretty sure it’s that last part which will be a sticking point on making this fantasy into a reality.

Do you think we might finally be in for seeing ‘Hellboy III’ come to life or is this just a lot of wishful thinking going on? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Guillermo del Toro’s Twitter

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