sawyer on LOST

‘Lost’ may have aired its final episode over 6 years ago, but that does not mean there is not hope for the future of the cult favorite ABC drama. According to a recent interview with while discussing his new series with former ‘Lost’ star Josh Holloway, ‘Colony,’ eventually the conversation turned to ‘Lost’ itself, as apparently there is a rule on set that Holloway is not allowed to call anyone “freckles.” When asked whether he would ever be returning to write some island adventures, Cuse had the following to say:

“For Damon [Lindelof] and myself, we really feel like we were given an incredible opportunity to tell the story we wanted to tell. It was really the first network show where we sort of dictated our own end date. We told the story we wanted to tell. To this date, there has not been any effort or any talk between us about doing anything else.”

However, he did not seem opposed to someone else (“Others” you might say) taking up the cause:

“I do believe at some future point, someone else will do something in the LOST world and that’s okay. There probably are some young wonderful writers out there. Maybe Damion Chizell would like to do a musical in the world of LOST, I don’t know. He’s free to do it.”

Could someone really pick up the reigns of ‘Lost’ and pick up the show where we last left off? We know Hurley and Ben are still on the island, and at this point Desmond most likely has returned to Penny and his son Charlie, and somewhere out in the real world Sawyer, Kate, Claire and baby Aaron are trying to make a life, so there are plenty of characters still around to write plotlines for, but would anyone really want to jump back in and try to write more stories? Would it be something ABC would be interested in doing? I know reboots and sequels are all the rage now, but ‘Lost’ seems like a tough one to get right again, it might have been a series that only worked for its time. What are your thoughts about returning to the island?

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