SPOILERS AHEAD! Turn back now if you haven’t seen ‘Passengers’ and do not want the ending spoiled!

Passengers,’ the most recent film released with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, is doing fairly well with critics and audiences in theaters right now, except for one small point. The film is garnering some serious criticism based on the controversial ending, an ending which Cinemablend was lucky enough to explore recently with the director of the film, Morten Tyldum, and ask if there were every any other directions they thought about taking the film before deciding on the route that was taken. The first question was about Jennifer Lawrence’s character Aurora’s decision not to hibernate in the medpod and forgive Jim at the end of the film:

“No, to me, I think that it’s important that she made that decision. I think that that’s what she would have done. I think it’s impossible to have experienced so much with somebody and then leave them. I don’t think it’s possible for her to do that, and I think she will regret that decision if she did it. It would haunt her for the rest of her life.”

Tyldum goes on to talk about how he wanted folks to leave the theater talking about the ending and what they would have done, and he even went to some lengths to take out some scenes to make the ending more vague and up for interpretation:

“We had a longer ending with Andy Garcia walking out of the elevator. ‘Why is he in one shot?’ Because it was two scenes that we shot with him, but we find out that by doing the ending a little shorter, it made people talk more about it. II [sic] want to like, ‘Did they have children? What happened?’ It’s good. Somebody will go like, ‘Oh, I think I saw some children inside the house.’ Somebody goes like, ‘Wait, if you saw that, then there probably is!’ ‘How was their life?’

But they both get to do what they set off to do. She set off to write a story. She thought it was different story. She had to, instead of looking outward, she had to look inward… Which I think is amazing, and he build his house, and was able to live in it… So, in many ways, they completed what they needed, and the rest I want people to imagine and talk about and it should be up to them.”

What did you think of the end of ‘Passengers?’ Did you understand everything that was going on, did you agree with the character’s decisions? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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