The midseason finale of ‘The Walking Dead‘ has a lot of key moments for the future of the show but one subplot appeared after the credits rolled. We were introduced to someone who had been watching both Rick and Aaron at the zombie filled pond and this person is making another appearance here. At this time, we don’t know who the character is though we do have a few theories to share with you.

So, instead of having to fast forward through the episode, AMC was nice enough to share the entire scene in HD for US audiences so that you to try and pick it apart to guess who we’ll be seeing in the upcoming season.

Here’s the scene in question:

So whoever was watching Rick and Aaron are now watching Alexandria. There are three solid guesses as to who this could be.

First off is someone, likely Cyndie, from Oceanside. While the comic doesn’t explore the town until much later, it would make sense to add them in ahead of time when it comes to tackling Negan in the near future.

The second option could be Dwight himself. He will likely have a strong interest in Rick’s group if they at all follow the upcoming story arc.

Finally, this could be someone completely new! Another Daryl in terms of a new face on the series. It’s doubtful that this is actually a survivor from the boat but you never know.

The rumors have been widespread on who this character could be and have included anyone from Nick from ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ to an early introduction to The Whisperers. Chances are though it will either be a minor threat or, more likely, someone who will be teaming up with Alexandria long term when it comes to rising up against Negan.

Who do you think this mystery figure is? Do you think they’ll end up as friend or foe? Share your thoughts below!

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