While many comic book tales feature a title character(s) with super-powers, some are designed to be a little more grounded in the “real world” than others.  ‘Painkiller Jane’ definitely falls into the latter category: it’s a comic series about an undercover police officer, Jane Vasko, who is injured during a mob-sting assignment.  Through mysterious circumstances, Jane is revived and finds herself with superhuman regenerative powers; she chooses to leave the police force and begin functioning independently as the titular vigilante.

Painkiller Jane was first created in 1995 by comic royalty Jimmy Palmiotta and Joe Quesada, and the character currently resides with production company Dynamite Entertainment.  In her 20-plus years of character development, Jane has crossed paths with the likes of the Punisher, Hellboy, Vampirella, and more; she’s also starred in a made-for-TV film and a one-season series on the then-Sci-Fi Channel.

Now, it appears the character is a bit more ready for prime time: Jessica Chastain has signed on to star as the title character in a big-screen adaptation, in addition to functioning as a producer of the film.  A slew of other producers are attached to the film as well, who have collectively worked on stories for ‘Sin City,’ ‘The Punisher,’ ‘ Deadpool,’ ‘Harley Quinn,’ and more.

No specific info has been given as of yet on plot specifics, other casting, or release date, but we will keep you posted with updates as they develop!

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