While perusing the panels at LA Comic Con this year, I happened upon a room that promised a musical parody of ‘Game of Thrones.’ Intrigued, I went inside to see how they were going to lampoon the bloody and violent epic master-piece making HBO so much money, and what I found was, if nothing else, very interesting. First of all, due to the limited time of the panel (and resources) we were not going to see the full show, nor the full cast and props, which makes sense, so we we had select members of the cast performing multiple parts, giving us a taste of what they felt were the best musical numbers from the show.

img_6354We got songs introducing us to the Stark family, the Lannister siblings and their twisted incest, a duet similar to a Disney princess song between Sansa and Arya, a Khaleesi power ballad, a more dour Jon Snow song, a Lannister family burlesque type song, and finally a Joffrey song, the character apparently being a favorite of one of the creators and main songwriter, Laura Wiley. The show seems to have potential, but it is definitely hard to tell based on what we saw at the panel, as it suffered from just being all over the place in terms of story, and an audio mix that was way out of whack (at times the piano was way too loud, and then at other times, like during the Khaleesi ballad, the vocals were blown out). However, the songs were funny, and the jokes definitely made the audience laugh, and it might just be something that fans of the show and the books might want to check out when it comes to the Complex Theaters in Hollywood this December. Fair warning, the show only covers the first season of the show, but that does leave the door open for sequels, especially since they have stated that they already have songs in mind for the future, especially for Ramsey Bolton, who is a favorite of the songwriters.

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