Creator Ryan Murphy is always known to be overly secretive about his ongoing horror anthology series ‘American Horror Story‘ so it is surprising that he has shared a couple of reveals for both the current and next seasons of the show! That being said, you know that he isn’t going to be giving away any of the big spoilers of what is to come. Especially since the sixth episode of the current season may potentially have the biggest twist and surprise that we’ll see on screen. We know that the actors will all be changing roles here though haven’t known anything past that.

Specifically when tonight’s episode kicks off:

“Something happens where half the cast is revealed to be doing something completely different than you’ve seen in the first five [episodes]. You realize what you’ve been watching with some of the characters is not [who] they are. [The actors] had to do a mad scramble to find new voices and accents. It is a big turn. It’s the biggest plot twist we’ve ever done with the show. And there’s a startling announcement in Act 3 that resets the season up until Episode 10.”

To expand further on this he also says:

“The thing I love about episode six as you are watching it is that we drop a huge bomb at the end of the third act, where you kind of are in disbelief at what the chyron on the screen is saying. And then that takes you into another world and the stakes are really, really, really high. This season has been all about redoing the narrative of what we’ve always done. I think it’s always been a sort of straight-forward version of storytelling. And what happened with this season, which is really broken into two halves, one through five, which everybody has hopefully seen, and then six through 10. And it’s a completely different show. It’s a completely different narrative form. Things that you thought to be true about people are revealed to not be true. And it was exciting to work on, because it was like working on two shows at once. The big twist of episode six takes you into a complete other world.’

The audience isn’t the only ones who weren’t sure what to expect from the twist either:

“I had to call up Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates. We didn’t tell them [the twist] this year. So we had them thinking this idea that they were playing one thing through the whole year, and right around the time we started shooting episode four, I called them up and I said, ‘OK, I didn’t want to tell you this, but it will be revealed that you’re actually something completely different than what the audience thought you were.’ And they all loved that challenge.”

Murphy also shared that both Taissa Farmiga from ‘Coven’ and Finn Wittrock from ‘Freak Show’ and ‘Hotel’ are going to be showing up soon:

“Finn Wittrock is coming back soon, playing his most fucked-up character of all time. To the point where he was like, ‘This is so crazy that I don’t know that I can do it, but I’ll do it.’ And Taissa Farmiga is coming back for the first time ever since Coven, in I think a really, really great part and we love her.”

Not only that, but we’ve also learned that the season is directly tied to ‘Coven’ as Gaga’s character here is actually the Original Supreme and will, in fact, be brought back in a future season that will be a “return to Coven.”

Season 7 won’t be so secretive as we already know that it will be tied to ‘Freak Show’ due to some of the characters. When will we find out about it?

“We’re going to announce [the premise] in the spring. We’re not doing a secrecy thing, but [next season] does have a big hook behind it.”

Whatever the big twist is, we’ll be finding out tonight!

Are you looking forward to where this season of ‘American Horror Story’ and the future of the series is going? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Collider and TV Line

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