Now that ‘Supergirl’ is at home on The CW and ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ is launching at the beginning of the fall schedule instead of winter as it did last year, expect even more interaction between the characters from all three shows.  First, The CW will mash the shows together for what is said to be a three-hour story that will run over consecutive nights.  (‘Supergirl’ will only be tangentially connected.  The mega crossover will mainly involve the other three shows.)

But after that, the multi-talented stars of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’, including ‘Glee’ alumni Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist, will share a stand-alone musical crossover.  Not much is known about this event at this point, but exec producer Greg Berlanti recently spoke about it during an interview with Indie Wire:

“We just finished writing the fall crossovers. And now we’re trying to figure out how to produce them. That’s probably the most challenging thing we do all year. And now we’re doing it across three shows! But next week we’ll have to start talking about clearing music. I have a few ideas for tone and style in my head but we’re just starting to talk about what that can be. I do want to try and get an original piece of music written. As we make a deal on that we’ll probably make some announcements on the original songs.”

When he was asked about tapping Lin-Manuel Miranda, the newest Broadway sensation thanks to his record-breaking show ‘Hamilton’ Berlanti laughed and responded:

“I would say, pretty close. I can’t say yet because we don’t have a deal yet, but I did speak to someone we’re really excited about. There are some writers I’m incredibly excited to work with.”

In a separate interview, EP Todd Helbing added that fans could expect some fancy footwork… and not the kind we typically see on ‘The Flash’:

“I mean, if we can get a dance sequence in there on top of it, I would love to do that. Listening to Joe as the lounge singer, singing, and to see Grant and he was karaoke-ing first season, and even watching Danielle, not being able to sing … I’m just really excited, to be honest, to see how it all comes together. I know Greg [Berlanti] is very close to this story. He’s been thinking about it — I don’t know how long, probably not just yesterday, you know what I’m saying? He’s been percolating. Seeing Jesse sing, seeing Grant sing, it’s just one of those — like whoa, we can totally pull this off. I don’t know why we wouldn’t do this. Let’s go for it. This year in general we’re really swinging for the fences.”

As for those other rumors flying around?  Don’t believe everything you read.  Berlanti cautioned that the first mega crossover won’t air until November (and that it would center on wrapping up the ‘Flashpoint’ storyline that will kick off ‘The Flash’ Season Three), so the musical episode will air even later than that, possibly next year, so nothing has been finalized.

But just for the heck of it, there have been RUMORS buzzing that Joss Whedon might be coming on board to direct this episode, which is exciting for two reasons.  First, obviously he directed the two ‘Avengers’ movies, so he knows a thing or two about super heroes.  But he also directed the classic ‘Buffy’ musical episode ‘Once More With Feeling’ one of the most popular episodes of that series and ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog’ another fan favorite, starring Neil Patrick Harris.  And speaking of…

music_meisterThe second RUMOR is that the villain of this crossover will be The Music Meister AND that Harris had been approached to reprise his role.  Voiced by Harris, The Music Meister was an original villain created for the animated ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ musical episode ‘Mayhem of the Music Meister’ and once again, this proved to be one of the most popular and memorable episodes of that series.  ‘Dr. Horrible’ and the ‘Buffy’ and ‘Batman’ musical episodes were so popular that their soundtracks were released for purchase… and fans snapped them up.

But once again, both of these RUMORS sound too good to be true, but we can hope.

What would you like to see– and hear– on the musical crossover?