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The latest promotion for the seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead‘ has Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan front and center throughout the entire teaser. Of course, with the show keeping who survived Negan’s brutal attack at the end of last season a secret, it should be no surprise that the main cast members are mainly being overlooked right now. There are a couple which they could focus on but with Negan being the biggest player in the upcoming season it should really come as no surprise that they would focus on him.

What is interesting about Negan is they really show off a bit more about the world that he has created for himself and what exactly our survivors are going to be up against when they recover from whoever dies at the barbed wire covered blunt end of Lucille. Personally, I’m glad they’re switching up the direction of the promo material a bit because as much as we all would like to know who died it really is how Negan will be going forward that will make or break the character for fans.

Let’s take a look!

With how weak The Governor was compared to his comic version as well as the rest of the Rick Grimes’ enemies so far it is great to see someone that is outsmarting our heroes. We’ll have some real challenged ahead and finally an actor and character that seems to add some gravitas to the situation while not being someone you expect to be such a problem by his personality alone.

Are you looking forward to an expanded presence of Negan in the upcoming seventh season of ‘The Walking Dead’? Who do you think he killed with Lucille at the end of the last season? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Walking Dead’ returns to AMC on Sunday, October 23rd, 2016!

Sources: IGN

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