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So ‘Rogue One’ had reshoots, what exactly is everyone so worried about? Big budget Hollywood movies have been doing reshoots for decades, which is understandable considering the immense puzzle they are trying to piece together in the editing room, and the realization that some shots were overlooked, some moments were missing, and some plot elements are not clear enough. George Lucas had weeks of reshoots for his prequels (I know, not the greatest example), and based on the special features of the Extended Edition DVDs, some of the best scenes of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy were all reshoots that Peter Jackson wanted to do once he saw the first cuts and had a better grasp of the films he was making.

And now we get to ‘Rogue One,’ where everyone is wondering whether Gareth Edwards dropped the ball on the film, and Disney had to step in to do reshoots. Now, understandably with a franchise like ‘Star Wars,’ every little detail from production is going to be overly scrutinized by the fans, and it does not help the cloud of secrecy Disney keeps over all things ‘Star Wars,’ but still, we should have a little faith. The only worrying rumor is the one that Edwards was not the one actually directing the reshoots, as according to rumors shared by Mike Fleming Jr. of Deadline in a recent editorial column:

“Even the big tent poles are fraught with uncertainty; they keep news about Star Wars locked up like Fort Knox, but I heard on those Rogue One re-shoots, it was Tony Gilroy behind the camera and not Gareth Edwards.”

If true, this might be worrisome, but then again it might not be. Edwards’ schedule might not have worked for the reshoots, or he and the studio might have wanted another director’s take on a certain sequence. It has happened before. In ‘Revenge of the Sith’ (arguably the best of the questionable prequel ‘Star Wars’ films) George Lucas asked Steven Spielberg to direct the big fight between Yoda and Darth Sidious, and the movie was only better for it. I fear more that all of the frenzy about these reshoots might make critics and fans a bit more skeptical about ‘Rogue One‘ in general, meaning they will go in looking for issues when the film is finally released in December, and that should never be the case. Even if Tony Gilroy directed the reshoots, the man has made some decent movies over the years, including ‘The Bourne Legacy, ‘ Michael Clayton,’ and ‘Duplicity,’ so I would not worry about the quality of the film dipping in any regard.

What are your thoughts about the ‘Rogue One’ reshoots? Even if Edwards was not behind the camera, does it really matter if it helps put together a decent movie? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant