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With all of the exciting footage that came out of San Diego Comic Con 2016 this year, many people have not yet realized that we got our first teaser trailer for ‘The Defenders‘ during the panel, a teaser which, though it was all graphics with no actual footage, gave us a good feeling of the tone of the anticipated Netflix series, and helped whet our appetites for what is to come. Other news about ‘The Defenders’ has been sparse, aside from us knowing that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist are all going to be a part of the team. We had also learned that Eka Darville’s heroin-addicted Malcolm (from ‘Jessica Jones’) and Carri-Ann Moss’s Jeri Hogarth will be appearing in the ‘Defenders,’ and it seems they will not be the only ancillary characters joining the series.

Thanks to MCU Exchange, we now know that Elden Henson’s Foggy Nelson will have a part to play in the series! According to Henson, Foggy will have a sizable role to play in the story arc and not just a brief cameo. Of course, not everyone loved Henson’s Foggy in ‘Daredevil’, so the news might not be that exciting for some, or for others who know that Foggy does not really have that big a part in comics outside of ‘Daredevil’ and ‘The Hulk,’ so whatever he is doing in the ‘Defenders’ will be material created exclusively for the MCU and not based on a beloved comic plot line. Still, it is nice to see any news about the long awaited ‘Defenders’ series, and the more characters they manage to squeeze into the show, for me, the more rich the world will seem, and the more it will feel like a pay-off of all the years Netflix and Marvel put into building this corner of the MCU.

What are your thoughts on Foggy Nelson having a big role in the ‘Defenders?’ Did you like Elden Henson in ‘Daredevil?’ Share your opinions in the comments below!