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Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, Joss Whedon takes the stage in Hall H to basically hang out with fans and answer questions after occasionally unveiling new projects that he’s working on. Although, since Zachary Levi started doing special panels to benefit Operation Smile, the fan favorite filmmaker has appeared at Nerd HQ to participate in Conversations For A Cause. And at this year’s intimate Q&A at the New Children’s Museum in San Diego, Whedon talked about what it would take for him to write or direct an episode of ‘Doctor Who’.

Thanks to ‘Firefly’, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, and ‘The Avengers’, Joss Whedon has cemented his place in the annals of sci-fi and fantasy history. But fans are always looking for their favorite properties and creators to cross over. We’ve seen it work wonders like when Kevin Smith directed an episode of ‘The Flash’. However, in the instance of ‘Game of Thrones’ director Alan Taylor helming ‘Thor: The Dark World’, it has also gone the other way. But no matter how the end product turns out, the masses go wild for that sort of thing. So what would it take for Whedon to take a trip on the TARDIS with the Doctor? Either a female Doctor or Idris Elba:

It’s unsurprising that Whedon would want to work with a badass female protagonist based on his body of work, but it turns out that a character like that would compel him to work just about anywhere. As he said recently, he’d even return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe if he had the opportunity to work on a solo film for the Black Widow. But until any of that happens, he’s definitely keeping busy with his own original work for the first time in a long time. And while we patiently await what that hard work yields, check out Whedon’s entire panel from Nerd HQ below:

Would you want Joss Whedon to work on an episode of ‘Doctor Who’? How do you think that would work out? And which characters would you want him to work with? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments.

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