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Continuing to run the promotional train as ‘Suicide Squad‘ inches ever close to theaters, Warner Bros has decided to release promos focusing on every member of the squad, starting with Amanda Waller earlier this week, with today’s characters being Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Arguably the two most important members of the squad as far as the movie is concerned, they are both played by high profile actors, are the first time the characters will be seen in live-action format despite a large following after appearances in other DC media, and both seem to be featured very heavily in the trailers and promos we have seen so far.

According to an interview Screenrant had with director David Ayers on set, he has always seen Harley Quinn as an essential part of the film:

“I wanted Harley. She’s freaking cool, and she represents so many dichotomies in today’s world where everything is sensitive, and you can’t talk about anything, and you can’t represent anything, and you can’t do anything… she doesn’t care. She transcends everything. And that’s what’s so fascinating about her, you know? She’s so many things, and such a powerful woman who’s living life on her own terms, and so honestly in the moment, and a person of this incredible joy in the moment. It’s great to be able to work with that character, and Margot is knocking her out of the park.”

First up is the Harley Quinn promo, where we see a lot of new footage we had not seen before, including a moment in the elevator where she is looking at herself in a mirror and texting with her “Mr. J” and is attacked by a faceless foe. She instantly switches to crazy violent mode and takes the man down with her bat, and then returns to what she was doing before. It is a great character reveal, and I sincerely hope this was not one of the better Harley moments of the movie, as I hate it when they spoil fun scenes like this by releasing them in their entirety before the movie is out.

Next up is the Deadshot promo, where we see the abuses he suffers in prison, but also his relationship with Rick Flagg, who he seems to get along with even though the man does manage to threaten him, which seems to be a button that Deadshot does not like anyone pushing. The promo has some new footage, but does not seem nearly as fresh as the Harley Quinn promo in terms of footage and pacing.

What are your thoughts on the new promos? Are you worried they are giving away too much of the movie during this ad campaign? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screenrant, Screenrant

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