‘Warcraft’ is continuing to show that the US market isn’t the only one that sells movies as it has just become the biggest video game adaptation to be released to the big screen. While stateside it only brought in $37 million it almost seemed impossible that it would cover the $160 million that it cost Duncan Jones to make the movie. Further playing up just US numbers it made $24 million on its opening weekend and only $6.5 million on the follow-up. Ther 73% drop has it as the third largest drop of any film in over 3,000 theaters stateside.

Of course, it also made $339 million outside of the United States bringing it up to a respectable $377 million in total with $200 million of that coming from China’s box office sales. This is the largest split in profit that we’ve seen so far as even ‘Pacific Rim’ had managed to earn 25% of it’s gross within the States.

Universal and Legendary haven’t announced a sequel quite yet but with how Jones left the end of ‘Warcraft’ and the smash hit it has become outside of the States almost guarantees we’ll see at least a follow up if not a full trilogy as Jones had wanted.

Jones himself would clearly be up for a follow up as well:

With China on track to be the biggest global movie market by the end of 2017, it would make sense to be watching what does well there going forward.

Are you looking forward to a follow up to ‘Warcraft’? Are you glad that global sales will give us at least a sequel if not a trilogy? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Slash Film

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