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Well, for those who worry that Michael Bay is running out of ways to blow things up on the big screen, it seems he is being given another medium to establish his distinctive… I want to say “style,” but that somehow implies some kind of art to his films. It seems the production studio The Rogue Initiative has partnered with Michael Bay to help him produce his first project in the new field of VR content. His official title on the project is “strategic advisor” but many are assuming that he was brought on to make sure the explosions are as huge and ridiculous as those in his movies.

According to a statement announced by the Rogue Initiative:

“The new collaboration will produce immersive, virtual adventures offering gritty, danger-close action coupled with Michael Bay’s signature style and storytelling that fans all over the world have come to expect from his blockbuster action films.”

And these will not be little projects that few people see, as the company plans to use their technology for movies and television, and bring content to every platform out there, from HULU to NETFLIX, and from PLAYSTATION to the OCULUS. The idea apparently, in their own words, is

“to create a studio where the most successful storytellers and filmmakers from Hollywood collaborate side-by-side to create and develop new worlds and interactive experiences with the best and brightest from the video game and tech industries.”

Still, the fact that their first creative collaboration is with Michael Bay does not sit right with me, so I am not sure this the company that I will be going to for my initial experiences with VR technology. What are your thoughts here? Am I being too harsh on Michael Bay? Feel free to share your opinions below in the comments section.

Source: i09

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