In another bizarre video game to film adaptation announcement, we’ve just learned that the casual gaming hit ‘Fruit Ninja’ is coming to the big screen. This one doesn’t seem quite as bad as ‘Tetris‘ but more on par with ‘Centipede’ and ‘Missile Command’ when it comes to bringing a rough idea of a game into a movie. The movie was penned by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani who are responsible for the in-development ‘How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack’ and will be produced by Tripp Vinson through his Vinson Films banner with Halfbrick Studios.

No director or stars are attached to the film at this time.

With over a billion downloads which aren’t including console sales or plays in arcades, this is a franchise which has quite a bit of name brand recognition. What it doesn’t have, though, is much of a plot to back this recognition.

Instead of an animation like the recently released ‘Angry Birds,’ we’ll be seeing a live-action comedy. The game itself didn’t really have a plot and just deals with cutting up fruit on-screen while avoiding non-fruit. It is hard to say if we’ll be getting a martial arts movie or cooking comedy out of this but as the Atari games mentioned above, they pretty much have free reign here as long as they keep the key piece of gameplay somewhere in the movie. Manga and anime fans who have experienced ‘Ranma 1/2’ might agree with me that a martial arts cooking championship could be a fun way to make this actually work.

When we first learned that ‘Warcraft‘ and ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ were looking to have potentially high-quality films being made, it was thought that we could be preparing for a revolution of classics hitting the big screen. This isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Do you think that adapting ‘Fruit Ninja’ to the big screen is a good idea or will this be painful to watch if it ever sees the light of day? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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