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After ‘The Martian‘ was such a critical and financial success it should come as no surprise that 20th Century Fox has jumped on a new pitch by author Andy Weir. Not only that but Ridley Scott and Simon Kinberg who brought the film to the big screen will be working together as executive producers on the project. With Scott already teamed up with Drew Goddard on ‘Wraiths of the Broken Land’ who wrote the screenplay for ‘The Martian,’ it is clear that this is a creative team that truly enjoyed working together.

At this time, we have absolutely no details on what the project will be from plot to genre. With those involved and Fox so quickly picking up on it, I would suspect that it is science fiction themed though as to what exactly it will be about is completely a mystery. As Weir is primarily a science fiction author it would make sense that he’d be revisiting the cinematic genre that put his name on the map in Hollywood. Weir is set to pen the screenplay and aside from Kinberg’s Genre Films and Scott’s Scott Free Productions, we know that Aditya Sood and Michael Schaefer are both on board as producers as well. No word as to if Scott would direct this secret project, but with ‘Alien Covenant‘ and a slew of other projects already lined up it seems unlikely that he would be able to fit this in any time in the near future.

Weir has two novels currently in progress which could be the inspiration for the film. The first is ‘Zhek’ which is “a more traditional sci-fi novel” that has ““aliens, telepathy, faster-than-light travel, etc.” The second novel is currently untitled but is a “rigidly sci-fi” that takes place in a city on the moon with a female lead. If the film is based off one of these two and not an original work, my money would be on the second.

Are you glad to hear that Andy Weir not only has another film deal but will be working with Ridley Scott again? Do you think we’ll be seeing an adaptation of one of the two novels or something entirely new? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline

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