With their mission to stop Vandal Savage coming to a close by the end of this season, the cast of ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ is preparing for whatever comes next. Previously, we learned that the currently unnamed character played by ‘Suits’ star Patrick J. Adams will impact the show in some way. Now, we’re hearing that whatever it is that Rip Hunter and the rest of the Waverider crew do next will involve World War II. Or more precisely, it will involved characters from that era.

According to TV Line, the ‘Arrow’/‘The Flash’ spinoff is looking to cast two series regulars for the next season that have ties to WWII. The first one is a “Han Solo-like” male with a family history filled with heroes, while the second is another badass female who had to fight extra hard to earn her badass status. Here are the descriptions of the characters from the report:

  • – A male in his late-20s to mid-30s is being sought to play a guy who grew up in the shadow of his World War II hero grandfather and has used a Han Solo-like facade to conceal his insecurity — until, that is, the development of super powers enables him to love up to his family legacy.
  • A female member of an elite paramilitary team living in the 1940s. An African-American, she is scrutinized in her time for both her gender and race and thus has worked twice as hard to be a perfect soldier. That said, she blames herself for — and aims to avenge — the death of a team member for whom she had repressed feelings.

With the mention of “an elite paramilitary team” and the ties to WWII, many assume that these characters will have some connection to either the Justice Society of America or Sgt. Rock and Easy Company. Although, I’m more inclined to lean towards the latter because of some similarities to certain DC Comics characters in those descriptions. Though he doesn’t have superpowers, Sgt. Frank Rock’s grandson Joe took over as the leader of the team in the modern era. As for Easy Company, there wasn’t originally any female characters, but Jackie Johnson was a prominent African-American member of the team and the name could easily be used for a male or female character. After all, it’s very possible that the writers could be putting their own twist on some of these classic characters, as they have done in the past on all three shows in the Arrowverse.

Sgt Rock and Easy Company

What do you think about these new additions to the second season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’? Do you have any ideas about who these characters might be or what their roles are on the show? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.   

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