If you’re hearing that ‘The Twilight Zone’ is getting rebooted, you’d probably think we’re getting an anthology television series in the works but you’d be dead wrong. Rod Serling’s classic series is coming back but how you would least suspect it. CBS is teaming up with an interactive video company called Interlude in order to bring us what sounds like an ongoing set of “Choose Your Own Adventure” style video games based off of the ideals of the classic television series but mixed together with modern technology.

I’m not sure if this kind of live-action storytelling will end up working to the mass appeal that a new show would have, but as Interlude has already teamed up with MGM to develop a similar styled project based off of the film ‘War Games,’ it seems that enough media companies believe that the platform has merit.

With the series having already been resurrected in the 1983 classic film ‘Twilight Zone: The Movie’ as well as two attempts at follow up television shows which were unable to recapture the magic, it almost seems like audiences are okay with letting this classic stay in the past.

Of course with Netflix giving us a third season of ‘Black Mirror‘, Syfy developing ‘Channel Zero and TNT bringing us ‘Tales from the Crypt, it seems there is already plenty of competition in this space so a new television show might not be the wisest course of action.

Honestly, the concept is sound but bringing the right audiences together to make this worthwhile to both players and the company itself could prove difficult.

Are you looking forward to this video game styled return of ‘The Twilight Zone’? Do you think a regular television show would work better? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant

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