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Disney may rule when it comes to animated fare– just look at the phenomenal success of their latest entry, ‘Zootopia’ which has been killing the box office for weeks now.  But when it comes to big budget live action films, the studio has struggled with a string of costly flops, like ‘John Carter’, ‘The Lone Ranger’ and ‘Tomorrowland’.  On the other hand, its live action adaptations of its established animated films have been resounding successes with hits like ‘Maleficent’ starring Angelina Jolie, which has a sequel in the works, and ‘Cinderella’.  In just weeks, the live action ‘Jungle Book’ arrives and should be another hit considering there isn’t another big family release slated for that same time period.

Rose-RedNow Disney plans to revisit its very first animated smash, 1937’s ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.  But there’s a twist!  The new film will focus on Snow White’s sister Rose Red.  This is kind of a major retcon as the Grimm’s fairy tale ‘Snow White and Rose Red’ has no actual relation to ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’, which was also penned by the brothers Grimm.  But apparently they liked the name “Snow White” enough to reuse it.

(The Snow White in the ‘Rose Red’ story had white hair, while the one in ‘Seven Dwarfs’ had snow white skin but coal black hair.)

It won’t be the first time that modern storytellers have attempted to reconcile the two stories.  In the acclaimed comic book series ‘Fables’, both Snow Whites are one character (the black-haired, more familiar version) and Rose Red is her sister– her bad girl, rebel kid sister.  The Disney movie will most certainly NOT draw from ‘Fables’ since it is a series published by DC Comics, whereas Disney owns chief rival Marvel.

Tripp Vinson is producing the ‘Rose Red’ film and executive produced by Tara Farney, with a pitch by Evan Daugherty which reworked an existing script by Justin Merz.  Merz’ original script was a separate piece, whereas Daugherty’s pitch tied it closer to the existing animated classic.

Merz and Adam Rodin are co-producers on the project.

Reportedly, in this film, after Snow White bites the poison apple, Rose Red and the Dwarfs go on a dangerous quest to break the spell.

Daugherty previously contributed to the screenplay of Universal’s separate ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, so he has some experience exploring this fairy tale.

Producer Vinson has two other similar projects in the works at Disney, ‘Genies’ a prequel to ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Prince Charming’ based on the ‘Cinderella’ character.

Are you intrigued to learn about Snow White’s lesser-known kid sis?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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