In the trailers for ‘Batman V Superman’, Gal Gadot makes her entrance as Wonder Woman, saving Batman and Superman from an energy blast from Doomsday with her shield.  And while, yes, in more recent comics, Wonder Woman has been depicted carrying more traditional weapons like swords and shields, everyone who knows anything about the character, (*ahem* pay attention Jim Lee) knows her weapons of choice are much more defensive, her golden Lasso of Truth and her bulletproof bracelets.

Purists may have been concerned that the film version of the character was going to hew more along the lines of a barbarian, but Gadot herself has now posted a photo on her Facebook page which she apparently had to keep under wraps until now.  With ‘Batman V Superman’ opening next weekend, more and more details are starting to surface… including this!

Check out Gadot’s post below:

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

It’s almost here!! One more week!! Can’t wait to finally share this with you all! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Posted by Gal Gadot on Friday, March 18, 2016

So yeah, she may wield a shield in ‘Batman V Superman’:

She still rocks those indestructible bracelets fans know and love.

Allegedly, while Wonder Woman steps into the fray to assist Batman and Superman against Doomsday, word has it that there will be another, even greater threat before the film is over.  (And I kinda doubt it’s the floppy Riddler um, Lex Luthor.)

Now we just need to see her twirling that Magic Lasso!


How excited are you to see a live action Wonder Woman on the silver screen?  Are you happy to see her using one of her more traditional weapons?

Source: Cinema Blend