While ‘The Crow‘ has been able to survive Relativity Media’s restructuring, it looks as if they’ve just lost the latest in a string of directors as Corin Hardy has been taken off the project. ‘The Crow’ is the story of

‘The Crow’ is the story of man who is brought back to life so you have to wonder how many times the movie can come back after the slew of directorial and leading actor changes that they’ve gone through at this point. In one of his first official moves in running the reorganized Relativity Media, Dana Brunetti has removed Hardy from tackling ‘The Crow’ with no word on who will be replacing him.

This seems to be quite the surprising move as the film is one of the main franchises the studio is banking on to come back from the brink of ruin and seemed to be moving forward in a positive direction. Not only is the move suspect, but Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation (who produced the original film and contested the studio’s rights to making any sequels, prequels, or remakes to the original) have thrown their lawyers into the fray to question their decision.

In August of 2015, we saw Hardy came on to direct the film in a “holding deal” which got the movie into pre-production and allowed for Relativity to temporarily keep the rights from reverting to Pressman. Pressman Film Corp. are filing that removing Hardy from the deal is a breach of contract and is a clear power play to try and get the rights back or at least production postponed until they would just revert back under the terms of the contract.

Relativity Media CEO Ryan Kavanaugh is throwing his full support behind Brunetti and states:

With Dana coming aboard, we are giving him full creative rein. We want him to be able to reboot The Crow under his vision and guidance. We are optimistic he will create the best package for such an iconic franchise.

No matter how it plays out this will clearly delay the reboot of ‘The Crow’ even further. If you’re looking forward to a movie closer to the source material this is making it that much less likely to ever see the day. If you’re on the side of the original being a gem that should never be reworked, this could be your lucky day!

Do you think that another delay in ‘The Crow’ is the final nail in its coffin or will a new vision for the film be needed as it once again gets restructured? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider