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‘Minecraft’ fans rejoice! It seems the esoteric game has finally been noticed by Hollywood, who has decided the time is finally right to make a movie out of the cult favorite. According to ‘Minecraft’ producer Roy Lee (producer on ‘The LEGO Movie) while speaking with Collider at DICE 2016:

“We are currently in the scripting stages. And also doing visual designs to show the studio what the world will look like.”

He also went on to claim that they are “…going for “the same target audience as ‘Jurassic World'”, which, as some have pointed out, maybe means that they are going for a PG-13 rating, which would fly in the face of the successful formula of ‘The LEGO Movie’ which the studio is clearly attempting to recreate. Of course, this film is also supposedly live-action, which is also different from ‘The LEGO Movie’ (mostly), so who knows what they actually have in mind. Lee went on to reveal the movie’s logline, which you can read below in its confusing entirety.

“Minecraft would be part of a multiverse where humans can enter that has the feel of what the live action version of a Minecraft experience.”

Maybe it is just the grammar Nazi in me, but something about this logline just does not feel right. In fact, the whole thing seems a little like ‘TRON’ light. However, things may not be as bleak as that log line could lead us to believe, for apparently the game’s Swedish indie developer Mojang is involved in the project, and will help to bring the game to life on the big screen:

“The company, Mojang, is very involved in the development. So they know everything is going to be in the movie that can give us insight into future updates so we can put things into the movie around the same time they relaunch newer versions of the game and at the same time, potentially taking ideas from the movie and putting them into the game. So I don’t know exactly what things are going into the game, but they know exactly what’s going into the movie.”

And apparently the movie will showcase new features that will be coming to the game eventually, and the game will also have new elements first spearheaded by the movie, so it sounds like a bit of symbiotic relationship between game and move is being formed. Still, I have no idea what this movie could actually be about, which does worry me slightly. ‘Minecraft’ seems a difficult concept/game to the bring to the big-screen, and I  am not sure they will be able to get it right if they are just trying to follow the ‘LEGO Movie’ formula.

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Source: Blastr