If you thought J.J. Abrams was known for secrecy on his sets, then the fact that ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII‘ will use counter-drones to fight off any spy drones trying to capture set shots of the set is taking things to an entirely new level. Sure the use of a fake name in ‘Space Bear: Episode VIII‘ wasn’t likely to really fool anyone who was interested in the shoot, but having a spy drone shot down might turn some of the paparazzi and amateur ‘Star Wars’ fanatics off with the financial downside of losing their drone.

While it isn’t quite clear what these counter-drones are set to do, we do know that they are tasked to “remove the uninvited drones”. I have a feeling that it will be done with extreme prejudice. When the Resistance base was being filmed at Greenham Common in England, there were numerous attempts by both citizens and the media trying to get early shots of the film and over 600 guards were reported to have been hired to help keep people away. In fact, early shots of X-Wings and the Millennium Falcon being put together clearly seemed to come from the sky and we hadn’t heard reports of any hot air balloons above the studio.

There is only so much a guard can do from keeping eyes in the sky off their location and that is why we’re seeing drones. I wonder if they’ll be hiring military drone pilots as they used actual Air Force members when filming ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘?

Are you looking forward to ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’? Do you think it is over the top that the studio now has to run drones to help keep other drones from taking spy shots of the set? Share your thoughts below!

‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ will be released on a theater not in a galaxy far far away on December 15th, 2017

Source: Screen Rant