batman v superman dawn of justice

Continuing the trend where apparently Warner Bros either has no faith in the film or in the intelligence of the audience it is going for, yet more spoilers and information is being leaked about ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ which leaves me to wonder whether there will be any real surprises when the film is actually released next month. The latest big information leaked is in regards to Batman/Bruce Wayne’s tried and true confidant and servant, Alfred Pennyworth.

It seems in the DC Cinematic Universe, Alfred is not the butler for the Wayne family, but was actually a bodyguard hired to keep the family safe, and was the only servant Bruce Wayne kept on staff after the death of his parents (though the reasoning here is odd, if the man responsible for keeping my family alive failed so badly that both my parents died, I’m not sure I would want to keep that person on staff). Alfred then became not only the guardian of young Bruce Wayne, but also the one to begin his training, as this Alfred (similar to what we see on Fox’s ‘Gotham’) is already a highly trained combatant. In the present of the movie, Alfred is publicly known as the Head of Security for Bruce Wayne, and it is no wonder that we see him piloting the Batwing remotely and working closely with Batman, it seems he is merely putting his own specialties to work, clearly having some say and expertise that has helped enhance Batman’s arsenal over the years.

Also released is the run-time for the upcoming movie. According to AMC Theaters, ‘Batman V Superman’ clocks in around 2 hours and 31 minutes, which is 8 minutes longer than ‘Man of Steel.’ I do not know about you, but I thought ‘Man of Steel’ ran about 30 minutes long already, so this definitely makes me worried for having to sit through 151 minutes of ‘Batman V Superman.’ Snyder more and more is becoming overly dependent on long, drawn out battles that offer very little cinematically, and even the action seems rote and unimaginative (can you name any cool shots or parts of the fight between Superman and Zod in ‘Man of Steel’ that really stood out? I just remember one boring punch after another, followed by one of the two crashing through a skyscraper). I am worried that the runtime for ‘Batman V Superman’ is so we can have another 30-40 minute final battle that just will not end, though even I will admit I have some hope for this movie. Since there will be more than two combatants (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Doomsday) I think the battle has potential to be more interesting, and if so, I may not mind the lengthy run-time too much. But again, it all depends on the skill of Zach Snyder, who some feel lost his touch years ago.

What are your thoughts on ‘Batman V Superman’ now that it is so close to release date? Are you feeling the nervous energy in the air as Warner Bros desperately hopes for a victory? Or do you sense a bonafide hit is on its way, and look forward to the epic clash of the super-hero titans? Check out this tweet of all the new posters just released for the movie, and then make sure to share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant, Collider