The Big Bang Theory

bbt bernie at breakfast

The episode opens with the Wolowitz’s at home following Valentine’s day, as Howard comes into the kitchen to join Bernadette for breakfast. He follows a trail of notes across the kitchen saying WE ARE PREGNANT (planted on things like the milk and a spoon), which Bernadette confirms by holding up her pregnancy test. Howard is overjoyed at first, but the more he thinks about it, the more stressed he becomes. He worries about their school district, the possibility of a hot nanny ruining their marriage, and whether or not to circumcise their son.

bbt howard tells the guys about babyBack at Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, the guys prepare for game night while chiding Raj for not being the one to discover the new planet in the solar system, which he explains away by claiming that he was too busy making home-made jam for his friends back in December. Howard enters with news of his new fatherhood, which Sheldon is instantly upset about, realizing it will upset the status quo. While the guys struggle to calm down Sheldon, who reluctantly admits that he will be one of 2 babies in the group, the girls reconvene at the Wolowitz house, where Bernadette realizes she cannot drink, eat sushi, or go in the hot-tub while pregnant. While she commiserates with the girls and reveals that Howard did not take the news all that great, Penny and Amy step up and work to make Bernadette feel better and be excited about being pregnant. When Penny asks when they decided to get pregnant, Bernie reveals that it just kind of happened one night, and when she goes into the story the other girls learn that the conception actually happened when Howard and Bernie had sex on Sheldon’s bed one night. Amy is horrified but understands that sometimes these things just happen, as she is extremely happy that she can now take part in sex conversations since she and Sheldon finally did the deed.

bbt bernie tells the girls about babyThe guys decide to calm down Howard by taking him out to a bar to celebrate, but things only get worse as he realizes how expensive it is to have a kid in LA. He decides to try to come up with an idea to make money, all while Sheldon downs one too many fruity drinks and gets drunk, much to the delight of Raj and Leonard. While Leonard sends Sheldon to the “bathroom” (actually just the kitchen of the place) Howard has an idea that involves the physics of Leonard and Sheldon’s latest theory, and the guys all agree that if Howard gets a patent he might be able to make a little money on his idea. Raj points out how Howard is already stepping it up now that he is going to be father, and Howard feels a little better about his upcoming life change.

Eventually, the guys text the girls to join them at the bar for Karaoke, and the girls show up ready for a night on the town, with Amy aware that Sheldon is drunk because he used a period instead of a question mark when asking if she wanted to come. Howard pulls Bernie aside and apologizes for his initial reaction, and says he is genuinely excited to be having a child, and expresses how much he loves Bernadette, and not just because her boobs are going to get huge.

bbt leonard drinkingThen we enter into the Karaoke montage, where every character (in turn) sings songs to Bernadette up on stage, finding any classic with the words “baby” in the lyrics, including some inappropriate songs that she clearly does not enjoy that much. Except for Sheldon, who serenades Bernadette to “God Bless America” while holding her shoulder, in a hilariously awkward moment. During the final song of the night, wherein Howard sings a slow baby song to his wife, Amy whispers to Sheldon and he interrupts the song, demanding to know what kind of maniac has sex in someone else’s bed. Howard drops the mic and exits stage right, leaving Bernadette behind.

In the episode aftermath, Penny and Leonard comment on what a fun night it was, and then open up the discussion about when they want to have kids. Penny says she is in no rush while Leonard thinks they would be great parents. The camera then cuts to a drunk Sheldon on the couch, his face plastered with Sharpie drawings (including a Harry Potter scar on his forehead and bright red Joker lips), and Penny remarks that they might not be mature enough for kids just yet.


HOWARD: (stressing about becoming a father) If it’s boy do we get him circumcised? They say it’s barbaric, but if you don’t it looks like a pig in a blanket!

PENNY: (checking her phone) OH MY GOD, Leonard says you’re pregnant…… “Don’t say anything, act surprised if she tells you.” (turning to Bernadette). Ok, so how do you want to play this?

AMY: Think of all the fun things you can do now.
PENNY: Yeah, you can buy toys and little clothes!
BERNADETTE: I kind of already do that for Howie.

SHELDON: (crossing his fingers, looking to Leonard) And if he has twins we can do all kinds of experiments on them!

SHELDON: YOU’RE KIDDING!?! What kind of maniacs have coitus in someone else’s bedroom!?!

While not a bad episode (definitely had plenty of laughs), it definitely felt a little uneven, and while the Karaoke montage was a lot of fun, there really did not seem to be much story in this episode, especially since we already learned about the pregnancy last week. Here’s hoping this was just a filler episode and that the show gets back on track next week!