Game of Thrones

The Long Night Is Coming… And The Dead Come With It.

HBO has been teasing a new ‘Game of Thrones’ teaser and here it is but interestingly, it doesn’t look forward so much as back, showcasing some of the deceased characters from the show!  If you want to get a HEAD of the ‘Game’, you can check it out below, but…

SPOILER ALERT: This can be considered a HUGE spoiler!

As you can see, the clip features the heads of some of the most beloved departed characters from the show, including King Joffrey, and Starks Ned, Robb and Catelyn, as well as snippets of dialogue, culminating with the phrase: “The Long Night Is Coming… And The Dead Come With It.”

Oh and Jon Snow is among them.

The fate of one of the show’s main characters has been disputed ad nauseum for months now.  But it was kind of hinted that he would return somehow.  But apparently, he’s a part of this gathering of the dead.  (But seriously, Joffrey?  Did they HAVE to bring that brat back?)

It’s not really clear what this trailer means just yet.  Is it a look back before the show moves forward?  Or do the dead characters actually appear via one of Bran’s visions or some other sort of dream sequence?

What’s really befuddling to some fans is that the show has largely caught up to the books that it’s based on, so the answers aren’t readily available.  Now things are up in the air for the first time and HBO and all involved are staying mum.

Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, is known to have filmed quite a few scenes for the new sixth season.  But the nature of these scenes is still unknown, so they could easily be flashbacks or… well, additional dream/fantasy sequences.

There are still over two months to go before the hit fantasy series returns.  Expect more grounded clips to surface as its premier gets closer.

‘Game of Thrones’ returns on HBO on Sunday, April 24 at 9 pm ET, so don’t pack away your winter coats just yet!

Source: Cinema Blend