SPOILER WARNING! This article will be touching on events that will be in the season finale of ‘The X-Files’ so turn back if you don’t want to know the truth that’s out there…

If you weren’t watching The Superbowl than you missed a big reveal from ‘The X-Files‘ finale that was shown in a teaser trailer via their Twitter page. The footage teased the first scene from the Season 10 finale and was more of a focus on Scully than on Mulder as was seen in the first episode of the rivival. So much of a focus that it follows up on her abduction, battle with cancer, and actually has her morphing into an alien! Now, it is too early to see if this morphing is going to be just in her head or something that actually happens but it is probably going to be one of the biggest teases for fans of the alien mythology of the season.

The trailer a hell of a punch. Knowing from previous interviews that the season will end in a cliffhanger almost makes me want to put off watching it as long as possible. Let’s be honest, I doubt any of the fans will want to keep away from it. While the first episode was a focus on Mulder and titled “My Struggle,” the fact that the finale episode is titled “My Struggle II” shows it’s a clear follow up though it has me hoping the episode isn’t as much of an info dump as the season premiere was.

Sadly, the video has been pulled so we can’t share it with you. That being said, there is an image floating around of Scully ending up as an alien which I’m including below!


Honestly this has been one of the best teasers to date and anyone who missed it will love when either it or the equivalent will air again in a couple of weeks. We’re officially halfway through the season with tonight’s episode being number 4 in this limited 6-episode revival.

Are you looking forward to seeing Scully turn into an alien? Do you think it will be an actual change, temporary, or all in her mind? Share your thoughts below!

‘The X-Files’ airs on Mondays at 8/7 central on Fox.

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