VenomSpaceKnight003_CoverMarvel is known for teaming up its characters but for the upcoming ‘Venom: Space Knight’ story arc the company will be teaming up with the Wounded Warrior Project. This non-profit organization for Veterans has been working closely with Marvel to help explain the issues of dealing with post-prosthetic limb rehabilitation. Clearly the company wants to not only show the difficulties of this kind of rehabilitation but also some of the options soldiers have, in th most accurate way possible.

For those unfamiliar with the current Venom story arc, the symbiote has long been gone from Eddie Brock and these days is bonded with Flash Thompson. Thompson was originally introduced as Peter Parker’s bully years prior, enlisted in the military, slowly became friends with Parker, and lost his legs in the line of duty. Since bonding with Venom, the symbiote has been able to act as his legs when suited and this has allowed Thompson to be an Avenger and more recently one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. However in a new mission, he won’t be able to play host to Venom and we’re going to see a more realistic approach being handled.

To handle this realistic perspective, series writer Robbie Thompson has consulted with WWP spokesperson and double amputee Dan Nevins to give an accurate view into the world of those who have lost their own limbs in service of their country.

According to Thompson:

“Working with Wounded Warrior Project has been an invaluable part of the process of writing Venom: Space Knight. Dan Nevins’ insight was inspiring, generous and deeply moving, allowing us to create a more realistic character and story for the book. I’m forever grateful for their ongoing help and guidance.”

Nevins adds that:

“Marvel’s team has put so much time and consideration into the development of the Flash Thompson character as he faces this physical and emotional battle that many combat veterans have faced and are facing right now. While the story itself is clearly sci-fi/fantasy, this storyline will bring awareness to the very real struggle of the obvious and not-so-obvious challenges in having lost limbs in combat, and to ultimately showcase the fortitude and resilience of the warriors Flash Thompson represents.”

I’m always a fan of realism in my comics and am happy that Marvel appears to be making sure that the struggle that Flash is dealing with is as real as possible. Well, as real as possible for someone who can often use a symbiote as his legs and is currently living in space and fighting cosmic threats.

As a bonus we have a few preview pages from the upcoming third issue below:

What are your thoughts on Marvel’s commitment to telling Flash’s story as realistic as possible? Do you think they’re handling ‘Venom: Space Knight’ properly? Share your thoughts below True Believers!