sexcastleUsually when you hear the term ‘Sexcastle’ you’d probably not be thinking of Kyle Starks’ graphic novel but today it looks like Fox is taking this love letter to 80s action movies and bringing it to the big screen.

As the graphic novel itself is full of more humor than the action that invades every scene, you’ll be happy to hear that Kyle Newacherk will be directing the movie and they’ve lined up Blake Anderson to star in it. These two truly made their names in comedy and specifically Comedy Central’s ‘Workaholics’. If that wasn’t enough to sell you, Anthony and Joe Russo, and Mike Larocca are producing.

That’s right, the Russo brothers who have been making hit after hit over at Marvel will be working on this but honestly, it is the plot that should get readers of this site laughing. Anderson will be playing Shane Sexcastle who was the greatest assassin in the world. He has left the life of murder, money, and mayhem to retire to the quiet life of selling flowers in a small town. You would think having killed the Vice President of the United States might have had him in prison a little longer but he is free and has left the hard life behind him.

Only it isn’t done with him and that’s where we jump in.

‘Sexcastle’ was one of the more fun graphic novels released in 2015 and the content seems to have been made for being turned into a feature film. With the talent involved behind the scenes, I can only imagine that we’re going to be in for a real treat here.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Sexcastle’ as a movie? Do you think Blake Anderson was the right choice to play the title character? Share your thoughts below!

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