The original “Sweet Transvestite,” Tim Curry who portrayed the iconic Doctor Frank-N-Fürter in the 1975 cult classic movie, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is back!  Curry originated the role on stage before starring in the film adaptation which has been running in theaters nonstop for 40 years, at midnight screenings in which audience members participate by singing along, chanting various reactions and throwing assorted objects like rice (during the wedding scene), toast and squirting water guns.  This time, Curry will be playing the criminologist narrator, played by Charles Grey in the original.

Curry, who is still recovering from a stroke in 2013, simply announced:

“I am very happy and excited to be a part of this new event.”

After rising to fame as Frank-N-Fürter, Curry became one of the go-to villain actors of the era, playing the Darkness in ‘Legend’ and Pennywise in the 1990 TV miniseries ‘It’ based on the Stephen King bestseller.  He may also be recognized as Rooster in ‘Annie’, Wadsworth the butler in ‘Clue’ and the concierge in ‘Home Alone 2’.  He has also done voice work in dozens of animated projects.

In the new production, Frank-N-Fürter will be portrayed by ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Laverne CoxVictoria Justice plays Janet and Ryan McCartan plays Brad, the unsuspecting young newlywed couple who find themselves the guests of mad scientist/alien Frank-N-Fürter and his madcap friends in his mysterious castle/laboratory.  Also part of the new cast are Adam Lambert as Eddie, Reeve Carney as Riff-Raff and Staz Nair as Rocky Horror.

The two-hour event will be pre-recorded and air sometime this fall.  ‘High School Musical”s Kenny Ortega will direct, choreograph and produce.  Gail Berman and Lou Adler, who produced the original movie, are also executive producing this presentation.

As part of the 40th anniversary of the original movie, Curry recently reunited with the original cast including Susan Sarandon (Janet).

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter