Now that Amazon and Netflix have firmly established themselves as excellent connoisseurs of premium original series’ (thanks to shows like “The Man in the High Castle‘ and ‘Jessica Jones‘), Hulu is ready to jump into the market. Fortunately for them, they have the much anticipated adaptation of Stephen King’s trippy drama ‘11/22/63,’ which tells the tale of high school English teacher Jack Epping (James Franco) going back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK. The show has a lot going for it, aside from being based on a well-received novel, the show also boasts an excellent cast which includes Franco, Chris Cooper, Josh Duhamel, Lucy Fry, T.R. Knight, Cherry Jones, Sarah Gadon, George MacKay and Daniel Webber, and a producer named J.J. Abrams, who is currently basking in nerd adoration due to his magnificent work on ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

Hulu has just released a new teaser trailer for the film, and based on the shots seen, we might be in for a real treat with this series. The style seems just right for the plot, the editing work on the teaser looks great, and it all seems to mesh really well with Franco in the lead. Check out the trailer for yourself (below) and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Also, make sure to check out the full synopsis for the series!

Hulu Original series 11.22.63 is a thriller in which high school English teacher Jake Epping (James Franco) travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy — but his mission is threatened by Lee Harvey Oswald, falling in love and the past itself, which doesn’t want to be changed.

The eight-part event series based upon the New York Times best-selling 2011 novel written by Stephen King premieres Presidents Day, Feb. 15, 2016, on Hulu. J.J. Abrams, Stephen King, Bridget Carpenter and Bryan Burk serve as executive producers. Academy Award®-winning Director Kevin Macdonald (Last King of Scotland, State of Play, Black Sea) directs and executive produces the first two hours.

Source: Collider