Generally, for Throwback Thursday (’s ongoing column dedicated to the great science fiction of the past) we try to do things older than twenty years. But in the case of Jet Li’s ‘The One’, I’m going to make an exception. This is because I love it, yes, but mostly because I think it’s a forgotten Science Fiction classic that deserves a little bit more lauding than it actually gets.

Sure, its ranks pretty low on all the reviewing sites, but I think they just aren’t ready for the magic that is this heavy metal, martial arts heavy, good time of a scifi.

‘The One’ is about a multiverse that some people can travel through. Jet Li’s character discovers that if he goes all Highlander on his parallel selves, he becomes more powerful. He’s initially caught, and sentenced for his murders… or possibly suicides… which is probably the best scene ever. If you want to know what Jet Li looks like with dreads, this is the movie for you.

Anyway, he escapes and goes to try and take out his last self, who is not surprisingly, equally as strong and powerful as him.

And let’s face it, the only thing better than Jet Li fighting someone is Jet Li fighting himself. The action scenes are flawless (if you ignore the early-2000s heavy alt metal), and really make this movie the classic it should be.

The film  has a simple premise, but surprisingly complex characters and motivations outside of the fight scenes. The technology is sort of dated looking, but still very cool and forward thinking.  It’s really and truly just a good little action/scifi film and it gives me a heavy heart to realize that not everyone has seen it. So take this Throwback Thursday as a kick in the butt to watch this great movie.