NASA is about to begin the hiring process for new astronauts. Think you have what it takes? Read a summary of the job description below. This may be the career change you’re been looking for.


-Must be a US citizen

– Bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological sciences, physical sciences or mathematics

– Three years professional experience (advanced degrees included) or 1,000 pilot-in-command hours in a jet aircraft

– Military experience beneficial but not required

– Must pass spaceflight physical

– Have good visual acuity (That’s 20/200 for mission specialists and 20/100 for pilots.)

– Blood pressure of 140/90

– Must meet height requirements (Between 4.8 to 6.3 feet for mission specialists and between 5.1 feet and 6.2 feet for pilots)

– No age requirements


DOE (In the past this has been between $64,140 and $100,701).

Candidates will be chosen in 2017.

Perhaps if you peruse through Craigslist you’ll find this posting. It might be under [ETC].

Source: io9