Boys and Girls of every age, would you like to see something strange? It’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Minimate Blind Bags Series 1! This new wave of Blind Bagged Minimates includes many of your favorite characters from Tim Burton’ legendary ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ stop motion animated film. Today we are taking a look at the Hot Topic Exclusive wave assortment, which has three additional figures you cannot get anywhere else! So how do these figures stack up? Let’s take a look!

This series of Blind Bagged Minimates contains eight individual figures, including Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, The Mayor, and Dr. Finklestein, as well as three Hot Topic Exclusive figures; Battle Damaged Oogie Boogie, Glow In The Dark Skeleton Reindeer, and The Clown With the Tear-Away-Face! Thankfully they all also seem to have the same packing ratio, so they each have the same rarity.

Taking are look at the individual figures, Jack Skellington here stands out as both simple and masterfully executed! His suit is striped in slightly crooked lines in proper Tim Burton fashion, his little Bat-shaped bow tie is spot on, and his whimsical smile brings the characters innocence to the forefront. I love that his cost tail is actually physically represented and not just painted on.

Sally is another really beautiful figure! I love how they handled her dress here, making the shoulders into their own pieces while actually sculpting all of those details into the dress itself! My only regret is that for whatever reason, she likes to fall apart at the waist, possibly due to the top of the dress being a bit too thick for her torso piece to attach all the way. Still, a great minimate!

Next up we have Doctor Finklestein and The Mayor! I like that Doctor Finklestein lab coat is a seperate piece that actually extends all the way to his knees, even though that means this figure looks awkward if you try to stand him up; although, why would you want to? He looks great in his wheelchair! Dr. Finklestein’s head is jointed on top and pops right open so he can pick his brains! The Mayor is a short round guy with a tall hat and a face that rotates to match his emotions! Whether he is smiling or mortified, it isn’t hard to tell how he is feeling one way or another with the great design job DST did! The Mayor includes a megaphone prop.

“Mister Oogie Boogie is the meanest one around, if I was on his boogie-list, I’d get out of town!” Check out both the regular and Hot Topic Exclusive Battle-Damaged Variant of Oogie Boogie! The standard version is a pretty perfect rendition of the Oogie Boogie character, and sports villainous grin as if he was laughing victoriously. The Battle Damaged Variant has his right arm “torn open” so it appears he is leaking bugs, and a fright-filled expression on his face to go along with it! Both versions are pretty great, although neither of them has proper hands to hold any acceessories (which is really just staying true to the character design).

Check out the Hot Topic Exclusive Clown With The Tear-Away-Face! This figure might be my personal favorite of the set. He’s got a ton of sculpted details that make him really stand out as a truly unique piece! Its a nuce touch that his feet don’t really touch the ground, and that he sort is sits balanced on his unicycle. He includes an alternate “torn off face” head, which is another fantastic alternate part!

Finally, the last Hot Topic Exclusive in this set, The Glow In The Dark Skeleton Reindeer! He comes with a stand so he can fly, and also works standing normally. It doesn’t make nearly as much sense standing that way, even if he does look sassy at hell. There are a lot of unique parts at play here that make this a really fun piece! Plus he glows in the dark!

Overall, this was a really fun set that’s pretty impossible to not enjoy. For fans of the ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ franchise, these are all “must have” figures with high quality designs and flawless execution. We highly recommend hunting these blind bags down at your local Hot Topic store!

Rating:5 Out Of 5 Atoms