I may sound like a baby boomer tech executive from 7 years ago, but it is amazing how much we rely on our smartphones. With the constant access to the Internet, we have been capable of not only quickly accessing information (and videos of corgis hating pumpkins); our smartphones have theoretically made us smarter and more efficient. So, what if we got rid of the physical smartphone and implanted all those capabilities (and fast food apps) into our brains?

According to Google’s director of engineering Ray Kurzwell, that’s not such a bad idea.

During a talk at Singularity University, Kurzwell expounded upon the idea of implanting nanobots into our neocortex, the largest part of the cerebral cortex that aids in sensory perception, motor skills, spatial reasoning and language. With just a thought, we could obtain all the information (and said corgi videos) we need. But beyond that, Kurzwell believes the nanobot implants could better our personalities.

“We’re going to add additional levels of abstraction and create more profound means of expression,” Kurzwell stated.

Perhaps this means we’ll be more interesting at cocktail parties.

Kurzwell went on to say, “We’re going to be more musical. We’re going to be funnier. We’re going to be better at expressing loving sentiment.”

Kurzwell even stated he believes this could be a reality by 2030.

Perhaps the idea of turning people into robot hybrids is scary, but look at how well it turned out for RoboCop.

Check out part of Kurzwell’s discussion below.

Source: CNET